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Average Review Score: 8.0/10

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Thermaltake LEETGION El'Druin Reviews

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Legion Hardware  --- Jul 17 '13
MadShrimps  --- Jan 28 '13
NikKTech  --- Dec 17 '12
techPowerUp! 8.0/10 Feb 06 '13
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Quoted from Thermaltake LEETGION El'Druin Reviews:
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"Overall the El’ Druin is a good buy at current market price. With a unique approach to solving the key and macro assignment for RPG, topped off with a look that is sure to spark up some interest from anyone who spots this unit in use, we look forward to seeing the next developments from Leetgion as they are definitely on the right track here."
"The El’Druin mouse is priced around 70 Euros, clearly not the cheaper variant out there, but we will still award the product for its design uniqueness."
"The El'Druin just got officially released (or it should be in a while) so currently we only have a recommended price tag which is set at around USD89.95 inside the USA and 69.95Euros (estimated - not official) inside the EU and so just like the Hellion it's placed right alongside with the most expensive gaming mice in the market. In the end however it's always about what you need and what you can afford so although for casual gamers the El'Druin may not be the most tempting gaming mouse out there because of its price tag this is not the case for hardcore gamers (especially Diablo fans) and enthusiasts who just want the best there is without taking a second look at the price. Personally I’m very picky when it comes to RPG games so getting a mouse aimed towards those is not something I’d do, however the El'Druin is also very fast, extremely accurate and glides even better than the Hellion while both the 5-way SPAD and the DPI/Profile selection ring can come in handy with pretty much every game out there so because of all that we are giving it our Golden Award."
"The Leetgion El'Druin's current incarnation is for a very specific crowd. It does very well in Diablo III, gives you loads of tweaking options and a lot of easily accessible buttons via the ingenious S-Pad. We would have loved a couple pre-made macros for Diablo III and other RPG titles, and a few tweaks for CAD-oriented work."