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Average Review Score: 5.0/10

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Spire CP450B0 CoolGate Reviews

website score publish date article quality
XSreviews.co.uk 5/10 Dec 13 '12
Hexaplague-Hardware  --- Feb 22 '05
ipKonfig.com  --- Jun 30 '04
MVKTech  --- Apr 21 '06
Tech ARP  --- Mar 06 '05
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Spire CP450B0 CoolGate Roundups and Shootouts

title website score publish date
Spire CP450B0 CoolGate Review MadShrimps -- Mar 01 '05
Spire CP450B0 CoolGate Review Overclocker's Australia -- Jan 24 '05

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Quoted from Spire CP450B0 CoolGate Reviews:
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"...a pretty decent performer, not too noisy for the 3000rpm fan speed. I like the style and it is not too heavy unlike many coolers on the market today, definitely a great budget heatsink fan combo that clearly outperforms lntels stock offering."
"Performance is good, on a par with the best we tested, but the compactness of this heatsink's heatpipe technology puts it in a category of its own, we think. The price is right, and the quality is all there."
"Spire is known for its cost effective heatsinks because of its quality inside attitude, although a great improvement would be to use a copper base which would be more effective. The CoolGate will definitely tame a Pentium 4 system and offer superior cooling over retail heatsink. With excellent cooling and looks, Spire hits a home run with the CoolGate CPU cooler."
"Spire's CoolGate is a good substitute for the stock Intel Pentium 4 cooler. I must say that side-blowing coolers aren't that common. This cooler is relatively small and light. To make the side-blowing fan more efficient, Spire utilized copper heatpipes to draw the heat to the upper part of the heatsink. In summary, while the CoolGate is a good alternative to Intel stock coolers, those who desire the absolute best in air-cooling may wish to look elsewhere."
"OK so the Coolgate’s performance wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for. This is a shame because this could have been an excellent value choice. The cooler did beat the stock cooler by a good 11C margin while staying very quiet, much quieter than the stock cooler anyway."