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About the Product

Based on the R430 GPU, this PCI-Express x16 graphics card features 256MB DDR SDRAM memory on a 256-bit DDR memory interface, 400/1000 MHz core/memory clock speeds, and 16 parallel rendering pipelines. Comes with VGA, DVI and VIVO connectors. DirectX 9.0 and OpenGL 1.5 API support.


Sapphire Radeon X800 XL Reviews Rating: 90 out of 100 based on 2 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Neoseeker  --- Feb 10 '05
Bjorn3D 9.0/10 Feb 11 '05
Hot Hardware 9/10 Feb 21 '05
Lost Circuits  --- Feb 01 '05
Penstar Systems  --- Mar 21 '05
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Bjorn3D on Feb 11 '05

"It offers very similar (and sometimes slightly better) performance than a 6800 GT at a price that is very similar."

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Lost Circuits on Feb 02 '05

"Excluding the single card GeForce 6600GT, the X800XL is the cheapest card in the roundup with a target price of $300, ranking way below most of the X800Pro cards out there and for that, the..."

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Neoseeker on Feb 10 '05

"With the current pricing levels the Sapphire RADEON X800 XL is still a very good buy - if it does manage to get dropped to the 299$ level however, the 6800 and the 6800GT will both be in very..."

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Penstar Systems on Mar 22 '05

"It has excellent build quality, and its 2D and 3D output is outstanding. Sapphire is a name that a user can trust, as their products are usually all top drawer. Their Redline overclocking utility..."

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