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About the Product

This graphics card is based on the 40nm Cypress GPU and includes 1024MB DDR5 memory on 256-bit memory interface, and 1440 stream processors shaders. The card features 725/4000 MHz core/memory clock speeds with 128GB/s memory bandwidth. Unified Video Decoder and ATI Avivo HD video. Comes with dual DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. DirectX 11 API and pixel shader 5.0 technology support. CrossFire and HDCP capable.

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Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Reviews Rating: 98 out of 100 based on 3 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Benchmark Reviews 9.15/10 Oct 14 '09
Hardwareoverclock  --- Nov 22 '09  --- Oct 09 '09
Overclock3D.Net  --- Nov 02 '09
Overclockers Club  --- Oct 15 '09
ThinkComputers 10/10 Nov 16 '09
Tweak Town 93% Oct 01 '09 10/10 Nov 19 '09
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Benchmark Reviews on Oct 15 '09

"In summary, there's a long future ahead for the Radeon HD 5850. DirectX 11 is the future of gaming, whether the competition likes it or not, and ATI has a huge head-start on absorbing an early..."

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"ATI has hit a home run with the HD 5800 series as the cards are the fastest single chip solutions on the market for most applications and the full compliance with DirectX 11 allows you to have a..."

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Overclock3D.Net on Nov 02 '09

"What's absolutely clear is that the Radeon HD 5850 will play pretty much anything you'd wish to throw at it and was next to no trouble at the same in Crossfire mode. For now, it doesn't appear as..."

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Overclockers Club on Oct 16 '09

"Sapphire's HD 5850 was able to produce excellent overclocking results by posting a core clock increase from 725Mhz to 870MHz and and increase on the Samsung GDDR5 memory to 1225Mhz from 1000MHz,..."

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ThinkComputers on Nov 17 '09

"The Sapphire Radeon HD 5850, along with other reference HD 5850s, sells for $299.99 at my favorite online retailer. Though its price nearly takes it out of what I’d consider a midrange gaming..."

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