Power Color Radeon X1800 GTO Pro Reviews

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Power Color Radeon X1800 GTO Reviews

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Neoseeker  --- Jun 30 '06
Bjorn3D  --- Jun 05 '06
Elite Bastards  --- Apr 25 '06
Guru3d  --- Apr 18 '06
Hexus  --- Apr 24 '06
OCWorkbench.com 7.8/10 Mar 13 '06
techPowerUp! 8.9/10 May 11 '06
X-bit labs  --- Jun 01 '06
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Power Color Radeon X1800 GTO Review MadShrimps -- Jul 28 '06

Power Color Radeon X1800 GTO Previews

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Quoted from Power Color Radeon X1800 GTO Reviews:
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"Without a doubt, PowerColor X1800 GTO is one of the best performing cards in its class. Bringing the price point of R520 to $235 gives it a good run for the money. Obviously there are drawbacks to it such as less PS units / textures / ROPs, but if you cannot shell out ~$320 green for XL it's the best money can buy."
"Looking at PowerColor's Radeon X1800 GTO in isolation, you have an impressive product for under £200 - Good performance, and an absolutely top notch feature set make this board an exciting proposition. If you're keen to game with anti-aliasing enabled at this price point (and there are few people who aren't these days), then there can be little doubt that the Radeon X1800 GTO holds an advantage over the GeForce 7600 GT in this discipline, winning out time and time again on the performance front."
"PowerColor's Radeon X1800 GTO is absolutely worth every penny. Especially considering you can opt it as a Crossfire card without the need for an expensive "primary" mastercard. This model is 100% reference based up-to the MHz precisely, yet offers nice overclockability to squeeze even more performance out of it. It's an enormously entertaining graphics card and an superbly fine choice for those gamers who play their games at 1280x1024. Yeah, a good product, very decent performance, acceptable price and a heap of functionality. It's definitely a product worth considering and you'll enjoy it very much."
"If you chase the best looking pixels, give the Radeon X1800 GTO a look. Otherwise the NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT is definitely what's deserving of your pennies, all other things considered. It's cheaper to run, quieter, smaller and offers up the same comparable IQ performance (and the IQ levels we test are on the radar if you consider either product) for less money."
"In regards to the Power Color X1800 GTO, it performs exactly as any X1800 GTO would, although in our case, this is undermined by the very poor choice of cooler on our specific board. While mixing and matching a cooler might be acceptable if the performance deltas were not so drastic, not knowing whether the cooler on the board in the box will be of the larger, more capable variation or the poorer, louder and older variation, will definitely be a cause of some consternation amongst potential buyers."

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