Palit GeForce 9600 GSO Sonic Pro Reviews

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Palit GeForce 9600 GSO Sonic Reviews

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Neoseeker  --- Jun 04 '08
Techgage  --- May 22 '08
Techware Labs  --- May 30 '08
Tweak Town 88% May 13 '08
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Palit GeForce 9600 GSO Sonic Previews

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"This particular Palit 9600GSO tested was an excellent overclocker. While results unfortuantely may vary from video card to the next, judging from other review sources, it does not seem that my particular card was any exception. Going from the already overclocked clocks of 600 / 1500 / 1800 (core, shader,memory) to 745 / 1862 / 1958 was very impressive -- even considering that this card is, in many respects, a laser-neutered 8800 GT. With not much effort at all you can really boost the performance of the Palit 9600GSO Sonic -- and with every dollar counting in the sub-$150 dollar range, you can turn this card into better deal compared to the other cards in this price range, such as inexpensive HD3870s. While this card is probably not the best deal for everyone, for some people, the Palit 9600GSO Sonic could make a good fit."
"If you are on a tight budget and happen to need a new card, then the GSO would make a good choice... as long as it's priced right at launch. This particular Palit card should only carry a $10 premium, I've been told, so it looks to be the best GSO offering out there at launch, making it even more worthwhile. Throw in some overclocking, and it's just as impressive as a 9600 GT, and more so in some cases."
"...the Geforce 9600GSO is a great video card to include in your rig. The engineers at PALIT did a great job putting together a great graphics card and bundled software to take advantage of all the features."
"While this may quickly become one of the best valued cards on the market, it really is the absolute worst thing when it comes to helping people make their decision on which graphics card to buy. All NVIDIA is doing is confusing everyone and slowing down graphics card professions. They’re being slack; the 9600 GSO, while a fantastic product thanks to its performance to price ratio, is just an 8800 GS. Ultimately though, does this really surprise anyone? The whole 9 series have been nothing more than some strategic name changing that does nothing but confuse people. The good news is that cards carrying the X600 GS naming scheme which were generally horrific for games, are actually now really good. So if this is anything to go by, the 10400GS should perform at about the same speed as the 8800 Ultra."