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About the Product

The Vendetta cooler supports Intel Socket 775 and AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2 CPUs. Includes 120 x 25 x 120 mm fan (1200-2800RPM, 22-34dBA, 39-54.6CFM) and 79 x 134 x 97 mm aluminum/copper heatpipe heatsink.


OCZ Vendetta Reviews Rating: 87 out of 100 based on 3 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Benchmark Reviews 9.25/10 Sep 27 '07
DarkVision Hardware 8/10 Oct 09 '07
Frosty Tech 89% Dec 30 '07
Guru3D  --- Dec 22 '07
HardwareLogic 88/100 Feb 06 '08
LegitReviews.com  --- Nov 27 '07
Overclock Intelligence Agency  --- Apr 20 '08
Overclock Intelligence Agency  --- Nov 20 '07
Overclockers Club  --- Nov 28 '07
Pro-Clockers.com  --- Jan 03 '08
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OCZ Vendetta Roundups and Shootouts

title website score publish date
OCZ Vendetta Review X-bit labs -- Nov 23 '07

Benchmark Reviews on Sep 28 '07

"OCZ really researched their options when they designed the Vendetta, because it packs all of the performance the HDT-S1283 offered with the small 92mm footprint most coolers always seem to exceed...."

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DarkVision Hardware on Oct 09 '07

"The Vendetta is also a great choice if you're looking for a cooler that's easy to install. The push pins make the installation pretty quick but I believe that's also a negative as most enthusiasts..."

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Frosty Tech on Jan 11 '08

"Clearly, when faced with a 150W heat load the OCZ Vendetta heatsink works wonders at full RPM. It's a great heatsink on both Intel and AMD platforms, yet it also carries a +2°C handicap on the..."

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HardwareLogic on Feb 06 '08

"Overall, the OCZ Vendetta is a very good, inexpensive option to pair with an OEM processor, or for those looking for a good cooler with a small footprint."

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LegitReviews.com on Nov 29 '07

"The Vendetta by OCZ shows promise for the HDT design. For being under $40 the Vendetta should be on your short list for stock cooler replacement."

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