OCZ PC3-15000 Reaper Triple Channel Kit Pro Reviews

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OCZ PC3-15000 Reaper Triple Channel Kit Reviews

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Video Gamers First Network  --- Feb 03 '10
Neoseeker  --- Mar 20 '09
Bjorn3D 8/10 Apr 16 '09
PureOverclock.com  --- May 29 '09
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OCZ PC3-15000 Reaper Triple Channel Kit Previews

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Quoted from OCZ PC3-15000 Reaper Triple Channel Kit Reviews:
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"From a day to day operation standpoint we couldn't tell any difference between the Reaper kit and the more expensive kit. We understand some people have to have the highest performance to satisfy that need for speed, but economically speaking the Reaper kit makes a lot more sense. Performance was very high for a reasonably priced kit and we would have no problem with recommending it for 95% of all users. The other 5% we wouldn't recommend it for are the hardest core enthusiasts."
"This triple channel memory from OCZ kit is perfect for those looking to get as much as possible from their brand new Intel system. Their performance at stock settings is impressive so everyone can enjoy the speed without much hassle while overclockers will appreciate the overclocking headroom. Finally, pricing is a little steep, around $300, but it's not something you will regret and the modules are backed by OCZ's lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong."
"OCZ has done an excellent job with these modules, showcasing beautiful aesthetics, quality construction, and excellent performance. The 1866 Reaper modules will run above 2000MHz yet cost significantly less than memory products in that market segment. If you're looking for excellent performance at a rock-bottom price, then these OCZ Reaper 6GB DDR3-1866 modules are a top choice."
"During our tests these modules never became warm to the touch; even after bumping the voltage up to 1.75v the modules remained cool. This speaks to the quality of the heatspreaders and their ability to keep module temperature under control even when the memory is pushed beyond the recommended specifications. The only drawback to high speed memory modules is that while they do a great job up to their rated speed but anything beyond that is questionable. For us, these Reapers were pretty much maxed out. The rather high timings and voltage indicated this long before they hit the test bench."