OCZ PC3-12800 Platinum Triple Channel Kit


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About the Product

The PC3-12800 Platinum triple channel memory kit features 3 1024MB or 2048MB DIMMs for use in motherboards with triple memory channel support. The DDR3-1600 DRAM kit features 7-7-7-24 latency. Supports 1.65V default operation.


OCZ PC3-12800 Platinum Triple Channel Kit Reviews Rating: 94 out of 100 based on 3 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Extreme Overclocking  --- Jun 22 '10
Tech-Reviews.co.uk  --- Sep 07 '09
Neoseeker  --- Nov 15 '10
Benchmark Reviews 8.95/10 Feb 23 '09
Bjorn3D 9/10 Feb 19 '09
HardwareCanucks  --- Mar 15 '09
Overclockers Club  --- Feb 25 '09
PureOverclock.com  --- Feb 18 '09
Technic3D  --- May 15 '09
ThinkComputers 10/10 Mar 29 '09
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OCZ PC3-12800 Platinum Triple Channel Kit Roundups and Shootouts

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OCZ PC3-12800 Platinum Triple Channel Kit Review Virtual Hideout -- Jul 09 '09

Benchmark Reviews on Feb 24 '09

"Without knowing any better, most enthusiasts would overlook a 1600MHz DDR3 memory kit because of all the marketing hype given to 2000MHz+ kits; but doing so would be at their own loss...."

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Bjorn3D on Feb 19 '09

"The OCZ Tri Channel 1600 Platinum memory performance was what I have come to expect from a great company, fast. Even though the lead these sticks had in most of my testing was marginal, in this..."

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Extreme Overclocking on Jun 23 '10

"For the cost of about $199 USD (according to Newegg), the OCZ Platinum 6GB kit is a good value for what the product is. They clock well and run cool. On top of that OCZ backs their memory with a..."

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HardwareCanucks on Mar 16 '09

"To summarize, this is a memory kit that will not only impress you with its surprisingly low price, but also its tight timings and superior overclocking capabilities. As a result, it is absolutely..."

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Neoseeker on Nov 15 '10

"The OCZ memory in this review is part of the Platinum series which was first introduced back in the DDR days, and has continued to evolve through each DRAM upgrade."

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