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OCZ PC2-9600 FlexXLC Edition Kit Reviews

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Legion Hardware  --- May 02 '07
MadboxPC  --- Nov 06 '08
Pro-Clockers.com  --- Jul 05 '07
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Quoted from OCZ PC2-9600 FlexXLC Edition Kit Reviews:
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"The fact that we were able to hit 1283MHz (83MHz above spec) using nothing more that the air circulating the case, is impressive enough. Although water was unable to improve on this, it is an impressive feature nonetheless. At this stage water cooling would be very beneficial in the sense that it will prolong the life of the memory modules, as it would ensure that they constantly operate at a safe temperature. This will also help maximize stability during the warmer months of summer. The FlexXLC is the first really innovative memory product we have reviewed in quite some time, and although they may not be the most practical, in time I am sure we will see more affordable water cooled memory modules."
"Those are simply the fastest set of ram we have ever tested here at Pro-Clockers. I say this simply because we have never reached 1260 with our ASUS P5B Deluxe motherboard. It pretty much took this board to limit in which it has never seen before. I for one really like the FlexXLC heat sinks. The aluminum shine makes it stand out from others that I have seen. I would be nice to see this without the barbs as well for the non WC enthusiast. And it would have better even better for those that do WC if the barbs were of a larger diameter."