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OCZ PC2-6400 Titanium EPP Dual Channel Kit

OCZ PC2-6400 Titanium EPP Dual Channel Kit Pro Reviews

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OCZ PC2-6400 Titanium EPP Dual Channel Kit Reviews

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Big Bruin  --- May 04 '07
EclipseOC  --- Aug 09 '07
Overclock3D.Net 90% Mar 12 '07
Overclocker Cafe  --- Dec 17 '06
Pro-Clockers.com  --- Dec 15 '06
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Quoted from OCZ PC2-6400 Titanium EPP Dual Channel Kit Reviews:
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"This kit ran solid at the base speed and timings, and thanks to EPP it was able to run at 800MHz on an nVidia 590 motherboard with tighter timings than would be possible on many other motherboards. With about zero effort the system was also able to be overclocked from 800MHz to 1055MHz, as well. While not all systems will implement EPP, I would expect future nVidia chipsets to take advantage of this and allow the owners to enjoy the performance boosting benefits."
"This kit is good for a large range of people. Those of you who do no want to do much overclocking, while such a notion makes me sad, the stock timings are the best you can get on DDR2-800 without spending 2x to 3x more money. Combine this with the EPP profile setting 1T command rate, and stock performance is formidable. Those who like to overclock to get more performance out of their system should find that 525MHz - 575MHz is more than enough headroom. The only group I would not recommend this to are the benchers. When every last bit matters, spend the extra money on faster memory that is meant to do in excess of 600MHz with minimal effort."
"Summing up the overall performance of the OCZ PC2-6400 Titanium EPP XTC 2Gb kit is an absolute no-brainer. The modules are extremely sexy, they perform well out of the box and stay remarkably cool (thanks to their XTC heatspreaders); and they are extremely well priced."
"OCZ's EPP Ready memory shouldn't be thought of in terms of being designed for NVidia 590 SLI boards and is still able to run on other mainboards. Rather that it is a solid performer with a little something extra under the hood for NVidia 590 SLI board owners. Also, I'd fully expect the EPP profile to encompass future NVidia board offerings as well. Something extra under the hood... the stuff runs rock solid at 1116MHz!!"
"We have taken OCZ’s PC6400 EPP Titanium and thrown a few benchmarking programs at it and it performed pretty damn well. While rated at only 800MHz, we were able to take it and our test Core2 6300 to new heights. And it was all done at a ratio of 2 to 3, which also made the ram perform at its best. Remember that chances are you may have better results depending on the processor especially one with a higher default multiplier."