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OCZ Core SATA II SSD Reviews

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Benchmark Reviews 9.05/10 Jul 21 '08
DriverHeaven  --- Aug 10 '08
Guru3d  --- Jul 28 '08
Overclock3D.Net  --- Aug 05 '08
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"In conclusion, OCZ has finally given consumers an undeniable reason for upgrading with a SSD product. The OCZ Core series offers excellent SATA-II performance on par with solid state products that cost thousands more, which means that the best experience doesn't have to cost the most money. Solid State Drives are excellent products for extending notebook battery life and increasing overall system performance, and the OCZ OCZSSD21C64G is an exemplary product that proves this point. The read speeds are near to 120 MBps and write-to speeds recorded close to 80 MBps, putting the fastest HDDs behind is performance. With Core series pricing the most affordable we've ever seen, gamers and hardware enthusiasts should soon experience the benefits this new technology can give their high-performance computer system. I completely endorse the OCZ Core Series SATA-II Solid State Drive because it offers top-level read and write speed performance at a cost comparable to enthusiast hard drives."
"The OCZ Core Series 64GB SSD drive is certainly a great product by today's standards. It is a fast SLC SSD drive and very durable at the same time. About two months ago we reviewed a 32GB SLC SSD drive and we foretold that retail prices will be reasonable in less than a year; we are already on the right track. Because of their 2.5" format, Core Series drives are excellent replacements for laptops. Not only will they increase battery life but their performance can be 3 to 4 times faster than a typical 2.5" mechanical drive. If ultimate speeds are the most important factor to you, the OCZ SSD drives can also be used as main desktop drives or even to assemble a very fast RAID array."
"...it can only get better, though I truly wish they would have opted single level cell NAND memory, just to kill off my remaining bit of worry regarding reliability. SLC also has even faster access times and write speeds. But hey, clearly there are some things to really like about SSD drives. Boot speed, application launch times, and (though a little controversial right now) battery life are big plusses. On the down side you have price and limited capacity. Perhaps even ideally you could opt to combine both a HDD and SSD. One as boot / OS driver, the rest as file-storage."
"...the OCZ Core series SSD ultimately fails in its quest to be the top end storage solution. With all new advances in technology their are a few obstacles to leap and with a few more tweaks and a little boost to the writing capabilities of the technology on offer, the SSD could well surpass the current cream of conventional drives but as our review has shown, if you want the ultimate in speed, the WD Velociraptor still reigns supreme."