NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690


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About this Product

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 is able to perform nearly 2x faster than the single GPU based GTX 680. The GTX 690 utilizes binned graphics processors that were handpicked for their low leakage and power efficiency. Essentially, this means Nvidia has selected the best of the best graphics processors, which allowed them to keep the base and boost clock at 915MHz and 1019MHz respectively. In addition the GTX 690 has dual Kepler cores that internally feature 3072 CUDA cores, 64 ROPs, 128 Texture units and a 4GB GDDR5 frame buffer running on a 512-bit interface. So, Nvidia didn’t scale anything back, as the GTX 690 packs in two full GK-104 graphics processors.

GeForce GTX 690 Specifications
CUDA Cores 3072
Base Clock 915 MHz
Boost Clock 1019 MHz
Memory Configuration 4GB / 512-bit GDDR5
Memory Speed 6.0 Gbps
Power Connectors 8-pin + 8-pin
TDP 300W
Outputs 3x DL-DVI
Mini-DisplayPort 1.2
Bus Interface PCI Express 3.0


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 Reviews Rating: 97 out of 100 based on 3 ratings.

Meta Reviews

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Benchmark Reviews  --- May 03 '12
Bjorn3D 9.5/10 May 03 '12
Guru3D  --- May 03 '12
HardOCP  --- May 03 '12
Hardware.Info  --- Aug 02 '12
HardwareCanucks  --- May 02 '12
HardwareHeaven 10/10 May 03 '12
Overclockers Club  --- May 03 '12
PC Perspective  --- May 03 '12
techPowerUp! 9.5/10 May 03 '12
X-bit labs  --- May 03 '12
Neoseeker  --- May 03 '12
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Benchmark Reviews on May 03 '12

"In conclusion, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 has dramatically surpassed all graphics cards on the market and could be the top contender for much longer than we expect. AMD has been forced to show..."

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Bjorn3D on May 03 '12

"The GeForce GTX 690 is the sexiest, quietest, coolest, and most powerful dual-GPU video card on the market. For an amazing package, this card definitely earns the Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award."

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Guru3D on May 03 '12

"Well, let me round it up -- all variables are right -- performance, quality - heat levels - power consumption -- noise levels. The one disconcerting factor really is the very steep price level for..."

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HardOCP on May 03 '12

"The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 is the finest looking, best performing, most efficient dual-GPU video card in the world with unsurpassed design and engineering. The GeForce GTX 690 not only performs in..."

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Hardware.Info on Aug 02 '12

"For gamers we would therefore recommend two GTX 690s, while overclockers are probably better off with four GTX 680s. Do keep in mind that this type of investment only makes sense when you have..."

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