Nvidia GeForce 6200 Pro Reviews

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Nvidia GeForce 6200 Reviews

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Beyond3D  --- Jan 13 '05
ExtremeTech  --- Jan 21 '05
Tweak Town  --- Nov 29 '04
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Nvidia GeForce 6200 Previews

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Neoseeker Oct 11 '04
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Quoted from Nvidia GeForce 6200 Reviews:
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"The 6600 GT has a suggested price of only $199, whereas the 6200 has a suggested price of $129, which is more than half the price of the 6600 GT and yet the 6200 often displays less then half the performance - dependant on your point of view, which will largely depend on your budget, this either makes the 6600 GT very good value for money or the 6200 poorer value for money."
"Obviously, if you're serious about games at all, the GeForce 6200 isn't for you. For about $80 more you can get a GeForce 6600GT, and you'd be a lot happier. The target market for the 6200 products are the "well at least it's not integrated graphics" crowd. For them, we can recommend the standard 6200 without reservation."
"...the 6600GT and the 6800GT are parts that have been particularly well received both by the public and the press. I do not know if the 6200 will gather the same amount of accolades but it should still be a viable option for those who are not ready to take a larger financial plunge to get into the gaming world."
"...the GeForce 6200 graphics card is something that nVidia really needed to stand out with as the budget sector simply had died off since the GeForce 4 MX died its slow death. The 6200 guarantees a good performance while in the process wiping out the ATI Radeon X300 in our benchmarks along with compatibility with the PCI express architecture, along with the 128-bit memory bus and DDR SDRAM support."