Noctua NF-S12 Pro Reviews

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Noctua NF-S12 Reviews

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OverclockersOnline  --- Nov 02 '06
PCApex 8/10 Nov 01 '06
Tekbunker  --- Mar 17 '07
Virtual Hideout  --- Mar 16 '07  --- Jun 15 '07
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Noctua NF-S12 Previews

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Quoted from Noctua NF-S12 Reviews:
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"Not only do these fans perform well, but they also uses very little power and are extremely quiet. Within an enclosed computer system, these fans are almost inaudible. The bottom line is that anyone considering to purchase a 120mm fan should take a good look at the Noctua NF-S12 because though new, performs as just as well as long time top performers."
"For a silent and reliable system or professional system builders, I feel it is well worth the MSRP of $24.99, and the 6-year warranty assures this investment. The $24.99 pricetag without any extra bells and whistles will most likely cause many average buyers to shy away, though, and the lower CFMs may cause many power-users to pass it up as well."
"If one of these were indeed fitted to a PSU, it would be an instant winner. I highly recommend these fans to anyone who wants to quiet down their rig a bit, without sacrificing too much for it."
"Without a doubt, these are the quietest fans I have used to date. A standard enclosure can hold up to three 120mm fans generating 30dBA plus each. That makes for a very noisy situation. The NF-S12's in U.L.N.A. will generate around 1/5th of that. Just imagine these fans cooling a radiator in a watercooling setup; now that would be an ultra quiet PC. The combination of this newer technology gives the end user a reliable and quiet fan that cools the components just as a well as any other fan that is twice as loud."
"Fans aren’t the most glamorous component in your PC, but this one is something special. It blows a fair amount of air all at a level that can be described as silent. Unfortunately, all of the research that has gone into this fan costs extra pennies, and you are looking at a price tag of around £15. However, this fan will last you a good long time (6 year warranty), and provide you with a quieter PC. Worth the money? I think so."