MSI P35 Platinum Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.8/10

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MSI P35 Platinum Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Neoseeker  --- Jun 26 '07
Anandtech  --- Jun 26 '07
Boot Daily 9/10 Oct 30 '07
Digit-Life  --- Aug 29 '07
HardOCP  --- Jun 26 '07
Hardware Secrets  --- Jun 19 '07
Hardware Zone 4.5/5 May 24 '07
Hexus  --- Jul 20 '07
Hot Hardware  --- Jun 08 '07
MadboxPC  --- Aug 13 '07
OzHardware  --- Sep 27 '07
PC Stats 84% Jul 09 '07
t-break  --- Jul 14 '07
X-bit labs  --- Jul 06 '07
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MSI P35 Platinum Roundups and Shootouts

title website score publish date
MSI P35 Platinum Review DriverHeaven -- Jul 02 '07
MSI P35 Platinum Review Tech Report -- Jun 26 '07

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Quoted from MSI P35 Platinum Reviews:
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"Overall, we are very pleased with the performance that MSI has extracted from this board now. The only question that remains is how well it compares to new P35 boards from Biostar, abit, Foxconn, and Gigabyte in this price range. That question will be answered in our roundup shortly but for now those looking for great "set and forget" stock performance cannot go wrong with this board... unless of course the rollercoaster themed heatpipe system is a deal breaker."
"Performance of the P35 Platinum is spot-on target for what we consider to be a great value proposition motherboard and it work quite nicely in any of today’s high-end gaming PCs. It offers a good balance of price, performance and features. Even though the X38 is a bit more robust, we know there are those whom it won’t make sense to pay the extra money for a touch more features. Performance wise, the P35 is neck and neck with other comparable solutions and we’d have little reservation in recommending it to anyone."
"What it all boils down to is that this motherboard is quite fast (though, speed is not the focus of this article) and has a rather high price for a minimum supplied package. Is this board worth it? In our opinion, it doesn't live up to the declared high-end status. The board has a standard audio codec (its potentially interesting VoIP support has no clear paths of realization at this time). An ordinary gigabit network controller along with a single IDE port does not make it stand out either. FireWire is the only distinctive feature. What does count in its favour is the original implementation. A remarkably efficient heat pipe cooler poses hardly any problems during assembly. Exclusively high-quality polymer capacitors and convenient LED indication including POST-controller also make us laud the original design of the motherboard (and, consequently, of all Platinum/Diamond MSI models based on P35). In the end the choice is purely your's to make: either you opt to save money or choose to pay for quality design and implementation of MSI P35 Platinum."
"MSI has built another terrific motherboard that is as feature-rich as many of its past motherboards are. The MSI P35 Platinum proved to be a great overclocker and stable performer while returning very high benchmark scores. Be aware that the MSI P35 Platinum’s cooling system is a bit busy so it might be in the way of some of your high end cooling and video solutions. If you are looking to push your new DDR2 RAM to its limits along with a good processor, the MSI P35 Platinum can easily help you do that. It is great to see MSI back on the map with a solid enthusiast motherboard."
"We think the correct price for this motherboard should be around USD 145, USD 150 tops. Until it doesn’t drop to this price point, we will still recommend ASUS P5N-E SLI instead. Unless, of course, you don’t mind paying USD 70 more for only 5% performance gain – or if you really need RAID. Don’t get us wrong. MSI P35 Platinum is a very good motherboard; we only think it is overpriced."

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