MSI GeForce FX5600-VTDR128 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.7/10

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MSI GeForce FX5600-VTDR128 Reviews

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Neoseeker  --- Aug 20 '03
AMD 3D  --- May 13 '03  --- Jun 17 '03
Bjorn3D 9.0/10 May 28 '03
FiringSquad 78% May 26 '03
Hardware Zone 5/5 Dec 17 '03
PC Stats 86% Aug 03 '03
Viper's Lair  --- Jun 23 '03
VR-Zone 80/100 May 12 '03
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MSI GeForce FX5600-VTDR128 Roundups and Shootouts

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MSI GeForce FX5600-VTDR128 Review -- Sep 14 '03
MSI GeForce FX5600-VTDR128 Review -- Jul 30 '03

MSI GeForce FX5600-VTDR128 Previews

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Quoted from MSI GeForce FX5600-VTDR128 Reviews:
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"It is a nice card and plays UT2K3 well, if you already own an Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4200 I would hang on and see what else is around the corner. If you have lots of money and wish to see what The FX series of cards offer in the FSAA & AF arena then this card will not disappoint. This would be the card to go for over the FX5200 as I would speculate it would struggle even more."
"...MSI offsets any risk involved with NVIDIA banking heavily on DirectX 9 by adding a lot of extra features, and pricing the product very aggressively. This video card is definitely worth considering if you're looking for some good performance, at a cheap price, with support for future standards."
"For those of you who are looking for an NVIDIA-FX-based graphics card with both video-in and video-out, the MSI FX5600-VTDR128 may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a well-built card that comes with a lot of extras. It’s an excellent mainstream graphics card, well suited for all but the most extreme gamers, and it’s especially useful for those who need video-in as well as video-out. It might also be appropriate in business situations, like content creation."
"’ll have a very hard time finding a card that’s based on the GeForce FX 5600 GPU that’s better than the MSI FX5600-VTDR128, especially if you’re planning on building a near silent PC for gaming or other applications. But considering the performance of the GPU itself, we have a hard time recommending the FX5600-VTDR128 and any other card based on the GeForce FX 5600 to gamers or hardware enthusiasts (and hence the 78% rating)."
"...we find the MSI FX5600-VTDR128 to be the best GeForce FX 5600 graphics card product around and fully warrants our 5 stars recommendation."

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