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About the Product

These high-end multimedia flatpanel speakers use Monsoon's Planar Focus technology. The set consists of two 12.5watt dipole radiating flatpanel satellites, a 25watt 5.25" subwoofer, and a small volume/mute controller.


Monsoon MM1000 Reviews Rating: 86 out of 100 based on 2 ratings. 3 user reviews.

User Reviews

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Sound so clear... 8.6/10 Myke Jun 8, 2001
Nice speakers, need more bass though 8.4/10 RumbleFish Feb 13, 2001
Crisp clean Highs and Mids 7.6/10 gagrice Jan 7, 2001
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Meta Reviews

website score publish date article quality
3d Hardware A Jun 26 '99
3D Sound Surge  --- Jul 05 '00
Anandtech  --- Aug 05 '99
BrokenPixel  --- Mar 06 '01
Computer Games Online 4.5/5 Sep 03 '99
Hardware One  --- Apr 05 '00
PC Magazine Online  --- Sep 10 '98
PC World  --- Sep 03 '99
Sound and Vision Mag Online  --- Mar 01 '00
Tech Review 4.5/5 Aug 08 '99
Voodoo Extreme 94% Oct 04 '99
Windows Magazine  --- Oct 13 '99
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3D Sound Surge on

"Where the system comes into its own is as a solution for someone who wants good quality 3D audio and does not want to use headphones all the time and does not have room or can’t run the wires for a..."

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BrokenPixel on

"My final opinion is that if you are tight on your budget, go pick up the MM500's or MM700's, but if you are an audio enthusiast, without a doubt I would recommend the MM1000's, or even a..."

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Hardware One on

"I tried out a few DVD movies to find out how it sounded. The fort siege scene from Paul Voehoeven's Starship Troopers sounded great. You could literally actually hear the bugs screaming and bullets..."

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Sound and Vision Mag Online on

"In sum, the Monsoon MM-1000 is a three-piece speaker system with excellent timbre, imaging, and dynamics that doesn't have to be tied to a computer. Since it has its own built-in power, all you..."

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Tech Review on

"Overall sound quality of the Monsoon MM1000 speakers can be rated at excellent. Their crisp sounding satellites and semi powerful subwoofer really bring in a nice sound."

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