Matrox TripleHead2Go Pro Reviews

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Matrox TripleHead2Go Reviews

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Neoseeker  --- Apr 12 '06
Guru3D  --- Apr 12 '06
OCModShop 5/5 Sep 10 '07
SimHQ  --- Apr 18 '06
Techgage  --- Jun 22 '06
techPowerUp! 9.1/10 Jan 18 '09 10/10 Sep 21 '07
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Quoted from Matrox TripleHead2Go Reviews:
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"... you surely need to invest a lot of money. Right now stick to NVIDIA cards, and make sure you have 1280x1024 screens to get the best out of this niche TripleHead2Go. Once you have these components right you'll be stunned by the surround gaming experience. It's a mountain of fun for any kind of game whether that is a flight-simulator, racing, MMORPG, Strategy or 1st person Shooter. It's an absolutely marvellous experience and comes highly recommended."
"Whether you're a video producer, photographer, or you just want to straight-up get your game on, Matrox definitely has a winner with the TripleHead2Go."
"The TripleHead2Go Digital Edition has addressed nearly every issue from their prior Triple-Head product. Not only does the unit support widescreen digital displays, but it can mix-and-match any combination of displays. The hardware's usability is greatly improved by implementing USB power and a more intuitive port layout. The unit's software has also been improved, featuring flexible desktop customization that beats the pants off of traditional multi-monitor support. In addition to the additional desktop productivity you'll receive, the unit also allows for extreme widescreen gaming with digital displays. If your video card is powerful enough, then this feature alone is so jaw-droppingly awesome that you'll replay all of your old favorites for the new experience. It can be a distinct advantage in PvP arenas, as you can see everything around you, including that guy trying to sneak up on you."
"You can get lots more resolution and a much more immersive gaming experience with three smaller monitors and a TripleHead2Go. The drawbacks are that monitor frames interrupt the image and that you need the hardware to push acceptable framerates. Although the framerate impact of triplehead resolutions was not nearly as great as I thought it would be, there are clearly some situations where it has a major effect. For graphically intensive applications, the TripleHead2Go is a legitimate use for SLI."
"The Matrox TripleHead2Go is a unique product to say the least. As stated earlier, this is not the first multi display unit from Matrox, but it is the first to allow the user to use 3 displays not in a card form. The unit is light and extremely portable should you ever want to use three screens at work and then take it home for some gaming fun. I am torn on the uses of the TH2Go though."