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About the Product

The Logitech diNovo Media Desktop is a bundled package which features a Bluetooth cordless keyboard optical MX900 mouse, and a "MediaPad" Bluetooth remote desktop application/media commander. It also functions as a Bluetooth wireless hub. The receiver is USB compatible.


Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Reviews Rating: 64 out of 100 based on 3 ratings. 2 user reviews.

User Reviews

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diNovo Media Desktop Problems 4/10 Alan Kuper Aug 6, 2004
Logitech DiNovo ... nice, pretty and slick... but it does have issues. 6/10 Goozy May 25, 2004
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Meta Reviews

website score publish date article quality
AMDReview.com 5/10 Mar 04 '05
Bona Fide Reviews  --- Oct 20 '04
Designtechnica.com 9/10 Jul 29 '04
Hardcoreware 88% Mar 15 '05
Tech Zone 8/10 Jun 27 '05
TweakNews.net  --- Dec 29 '05
WhiningDog.NET  --- Jan 13 '04
XYZ Computing  --- Feb 02 '05
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AMDReview.com on

"The best part of the combo was the mouse, I had no complaints about the mouse and in fact I loved it. The keyboard on the other hand caused me to make so many typos, and it wasn't that comfortable..."

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Bona Fide Reviews on

"Logitech has broken the normal design standards for keyboards, introduced a separate MediaPad, and provided an already proven MX900 mouse, making the diNovo Media Desktop an excellent product...."

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Designtechnica.com on

"...you cannot find a better keyboard-mouse combo at this price point or below. The diNovo keyboard and mouse offer great range, responsiveness, aesthetics, and overall solid build quality. While..."

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Hardcoreware on

"As a desktop replacement, I'd have to say there are better options out there. The MX 3100 we reviewed last month retails for about the same amount, and has a far better mouse, and 'true' full sized..."

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Tech Zone on

"Overall, I like the diNova very much. It's a very nice looking package that will compliment any computer room. The design is well thought out and nicely executed. What I don't like about the diNova..."

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