Kingston SSDNow V 30GB Pro Reviews

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Kingston SSDNow V 30GB Reviews

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Big Bruin  --- Apr 15 '10
HardwareLogic  --- Mar 08 '10  --- Mar 08 '10
Tech ARP  --- Aug 20 '10
ThinkComputers 10/10 Mar 08 '10
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Quoted from Kingston SSDNow V 30GB Reviews:
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"The bottom line is that the Kingston SSDNow V Series 30GB solid state drive is a budget conscious way to get your system up and running on an SSD, while still getting a decent performance boost over a traditional hard drive. That said, it earns the "Recommended" and "Good Value" awards."
"Kingston listened to feedback and when it found out that their current product couldn't meet the needs of their consumers, they scrapped it and moved on to a new product. We've been waiting for SSDs to come down in price to where anyone can see the performance benefits. While not a pure benchmark winner, what counts is that you will notice a huge improvement in the overall speed of your computer. It is very hard to quantify this by benchmarking alone, but the stopwatch tests prove it. Once you use a SSD for your root partition, you'll be hard pressed to give it up for magnetic storage only. This is a great deal for a SSD. If you wanted to test the waters, now is a good time to do so."
"For those looking to get an SSD but can’t afford the $4+/GB prices of most drives, the Kingston 30GB V Series boot drive is an attractive option due to its pricing which trumps the lackluster writes. You won’t see the performance of the more expensive drives but it should be an overall improvement over most hard drives and won't empty your bank account in the process."
"In the real world WinBench 99 tests, it performed about the same level as the 600 GB Western Digital VelociRaptor. However, the VelociRaptor has 12x as much storage space and cost 6x less per GB. Thus, the SSDNow V's only advantages over the VelociRaptor are its shock-proof nature, lower power consumption and thermal output, and its ability to fit into notebooks."
"I really like that Kingston is trying to get solid state drives in the hands of more people. The desktop bundle makes things easier because it comes with everything you need to mount the drive in your current system."