Kingston SSDNow E50 Pro Reviews

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Kingston SSDNow E50 Reviews

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Hardware.Info  --- Dec 04 '13
HardwareCanucks  --- Nov 15 '13
The SSD Review 3/5 Nov 06 '13
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Quoted from Kingston SSDNow E50 Reviews:
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"For a server workload that's almost only reading, the Intel SSD is the better option. If you expect you will exceed the TWB limit of the DC S3500, the Kingston SSDNow E50 is a good alternative. And don't forget that the E50 is still much faster than a 15k rpm conventional hard disk, which the SSD is a perfect replacement for. For providing a very affordable solution, it gets the Bronze Award."
"The E50 is a great value for its intended market. It isn’t meant to compete directly against the DC 3700’s of this world but rather offer a fitting alternative for system admins looking for targeted performance metrics for specific useage scenarios. While we would be extremely hesitant to recommend the SSDNow E50 for workstation or email server storage duties, for a webserver, Virtual Machine or even a typical file server it is a great budget-oriented choice."
"While the Kingston E50 received good marks for endurance and enterprise features, its shortcomings in consistency, performance, pricing and warranty, especially when compared to its peers, hurt its rating."