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About the Product

The Kingston DataTraveler Elite USB flash drive is a small portable hard-drive that is available in capacities of 256/512MB or 1/2GB. The drive uses USB 1.1/2.0 interface.

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Kingston DataTraveler Elite Reviews Rating: 100 out of 100 based on 1 rating.

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NikKTech  --- May 22 '12
Test Freaks  ---
XtremeComputing  --- Jan 17 '13
Bjorn3D  --- Nov 20 '04
ChileHardware  --- Aug 10 '06
EverythingUSB  --- Feb 18 '05
Gideon Tech 10/10 Oct 01 '04  --- May 10 '06
PC Stats 94% Dec 19 '05
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Bjorn3D on Nov 22 '04

"The DataTraveler Elite represents the top tier in this line and offers the fastest data transfer rates and the most robust security in the line. Overall, my experience with the DataTraveler Elite..."

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EverythingUSB on Feb 18 '05

"Kingston DataTraveler Elite security measures and data reliability level are what make this flash drive shines."

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Gideon Tech on Oct 01 '04

"If you are looking for a new removable USB drive, or if you just want a little more security, I highly suggest you check this USB drive out. The security is substantial but is not difficult to..."

Read full review on May 10 '06

"The Kingston DataTraveler Elite Privacy Edition offers 128-bit AES hardware encryption ensuring that your digital media does just that – stays yours."

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NikKTech on May 22 '12

"Well it seems that things are not that much better in the price department since after digging around at the usual large online stores the DataTraveler Elite 3.0 is actually a tad more expensive..."

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