Intel Core i7-3820 Pro Reviews

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Intel Core i7-3820 Reviews

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Benchmark Reviews 9.25/10 Mar 05 '12
Computer Ed  --- Feb 11 '12
Cowcotland  --- Mar 02 '12
HardwareCanucks  --- Feb 22 '12
MadShrimps  --- Mar 01 '12
Overclockers Club  --- Mar 15 '12
PC Perspective  --- Jan 04 '12
Techware Labs  --- Aug 14 '12
ThinkComputers 9/10 Mar 08 '12
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Intel Core i7-3820 Roundups and Shootouts

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Intel Core i7-3820 Review KitGuru -- Jan 11 '12
Intel Core i7-3820 Review X-bit labs -- Jan 29 '12

Intel Core i7-3820 Previews

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"The 3820 also comes stock clocked at 3.6GHz, 100MHz faster than the 2700K and 200MHz faster than the 2600K. It also has 2MB more L3 cache. Just looking at the specs, the i7-3820 is amazingly priced. The difference comes in chipset. You'll have to spend more money on the motherboard, offsetting the few dollars you'd save on the CPU. Depending on what your using it for, however, it's likely worth it."
"I know this might not be what Intel wants to hear but what I got from reviewing the 3820 is what a great chip the 2500K is. Now that being said do not take my position to mean I think the 3820 is a bad chip. With a reasonable, sub $300 price the 3820 is a great chip to allow a professional using memory intense software, a way to get into the 2011 platform at a more reasonable price. You get the performance of a solid quad core processor with hyper threading and the power of quad channel memory plus the ability to really put in massive amounts of RAM. However the claim by Intel of a platform that will let you dominate gaming is just not there. Sure it can be a brute of a gaming platform but at the end of the day the 1155 platform can deliver the same gaming experience for less money and you can use the savings to boost other areas of the gaming PC and actually get a more powerful system for the same money for your games."
"To conclude, the Core i7-3820 is an excellent processor and an ideal choice for those who need the inherent bandwidth advantages of the LGA2011 platform, but it is not for everyone. If a high-end multi-GPU configuration, a series of enterprise-class PCI-E SSDs, or 32GB+ of RAM are not part of your plans, a Core i7-2600K/Z68 motherboard combo will get you similar performance, roughly equal overclocking potential, an integrated GPU if you need it, guaranteed support for Ivy Bridge and the savings a few bucks. Not only that, but you can buy it right now, which is no easy task when it comes to Sandy Bridge-E chips since Intel has thus far had some serious supply issues. These caveats don't overshadow the good though, and we can wholeheartedly recommend the i7-3820 to well-informed buyers."
"The biggest problem with this CPU is that the competition from Intel's own product line is too fierce. And the i7-3820 longitivity might be very brief, as Ivy Bridge is max only a few months away. It could well be, that only the two hexacore S2011 models will make it through the year. But that my dear reader, only time will tell!"
"Ultimately, the Second Generation Core i7 3820 does what it is supposed to, and offers up a measurable leap in performance over Socket 1366 X58 platform-based processors such as the Core i7 920. As an upgrade over the current crop of Socket 1155 processors, the change is not as great, due to the use of the same architecture. However, in applications where users can utilize large quantities of quad-channel memory and for gamers who can use the additional faster PCIe lanes, stepping up to Sandy Bridge-E is definitely the way to go, especially when the Core i7 3820 offers an excellent price point to jump at."