Intel Core i7 2600K Pro Reviews

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Intel Core i7 2600K Reviews

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Benchmark Reviews 8.8/10 Jan 02 '11
Hardware Secrets  --- Jan 21 '11
Hardwareoverclock Austria  --- Jan 06 '11
Techware Labs  --- Jun 05 '11
Tom's Hardware  --- Feb 01 '11  --- Feb 28 '11
Neoseeker  --- Jan 02 '11
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Intel Core i7 2600K Roundups and Shootouts

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Intel Core i7 2600K Review Overclockers Club -- Jan 02 '11

Intel Core i7 2600K Previews

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"And things are still a little confused in the Cougar Point/Sandy Bridge world: despite numerous press reports that Intel had licensed NVIDIA SLI technology for the P67 chipset, the ASUS P8P67 motherboard used in this test does not support SLI...although the Intel DP67BG and ASUS P8P67 EVO motherboards do. And that just reinforces the point: what you get out of this processor is very dependent on the motherboard it's paired with. You can have integrated video but no overclocking, or overlocking but no integrated video, or SLI or no get the picture. If you plan to build a Sandy Bridge system, some up-front research could save you some grief later."
"It is important to understand that for most users the Core i5-2500K provides a better cost/benefit ratio than the Core i7-2600K, and you still get an unprecedented overclocking capability. Gaming performance (if you increase image quality settings) is dictated mainly by the video card, not by the CPU (unless you use a low-end CPU), and therefore you can save some money buying the new Core i5-2500K instead of the Core i7-2600K and invest the difference in a more expensive video card. However, if you are a professional user working with video and photo editing, 3D rendering, and other applications that really need more processing power, you will surely benefit from the new Core i7-2600K and its very attractive price for this kind of use."
"Intel looks to increase the performance gap from AMD processors even further."
"If you are on the fence between the i5-2500K and i7-2600K I would suggest pairing a Z68 chipset motherboard with the i7-2600K and wait a dozen or so paychecks to purchase your graphics card of choice. The inclusion of Intel Hyper Threading in the i7-2600K makes a world of difference in multi-threaded programming and multi-tasking. This CPU is designed to handle a range of demanding tasks, not just a couple of specific purposes. For example running several instances of virtual machines while encoding video and playing a HD video stream will stress the CPU, but the complex array of Intel technologies and raw performance potential of this CPU will handle the workload. Overall the i7-2600K is the choice processor if you want the best PC performance with the understanding that a higher investment now will net you a system that will be able to hop, skip, and jump for many years to come."
"While all previous processor generations caused an increase in power consumption that was always more substantial than the added performance (especially at higher, more difficultly-achieved frequencies), Sandy Bridge is the first processor architecture where clock speed and power consumption scale almost linearly."