Dell Inspiron 7000 Series Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.7/10

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Dell Inspiron 7000 Series Reviews

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AGN Hardware 8/10 Sep 21 '99
CNET 9/10 Sep 21 '99
PC Magazine UK  --- Sep 21 '99
PC World  --- Sep 21 '99
SharkyExtreme 9/10 Sep 21 '99
WickedPC  --- Sep 21 '99
ZDNet  --- Sep 21 '99
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Dell Inspiron 7000 Series Previews

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Quoted from Dell Inspiron 7000 Series Reviews:
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"If you are looking for the best laptop that money can buy, the Dell Inspiron 7000 is just what you are looking for. The monstrous 15” LCD brings the display to the same level as most desktops, while the 10 and 14 Gig hard drive options give you enough storage space to play whatever you feel like on the laptop. As if that were not enough, the 8MB AGP ATI Rage Pro LP offers great support for DVD playback, 3D gaming and of course a great 2D looking display as well."
"It's a good thing that notebook screens don't work like bug lights. If they did, everyone who glimpsed the Dell Inspiron 7000 A400LT's luminescent, 15-inch screen would be drawn in and zapped. You can't help but fall in love with such luxury--as well as with the Inspiron's screaming performance, eternal battery life, huge hard drive, plentiful video RAM, excellent usability, and long warranty. But beware of one issue: this nearly ten-pound notebook will break your back if you try to travel with it."
"The Pentium II 400MHz and the 8MB ATi Rage Mobility are a well-matched pair. They provide enough horsepower for most 3D games. With great DVD support and exceptional 2D performance, this machine is fully deserving of our Exteme Hardware award (had to dust is off as it's been a while since it's made an appearance). Even with the rather hefty price tag ($3,337) the Inspiron 7000 at 400MHz is currently the most powerful and quality rich mobile PC we've seen. As you'd expect from Dell: a job well done."
"This system is hardly equivelent to the powerful desktops consumers are used to, it's not cheap, it's not very upgradeable, and as fast as it is, its no match for what would be considered a fast desktop by todays standards. But if a laptop is what you want, along with the ability to still dive into your favorite games this my friends, is as good as it gets."