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About the Product

This graphics card is based on the 55nm RV670 GPU and includes 512MB DDR3 memory on 256-bit memory interface, and 320 777MHz stream processors shaders. The card features 775/2250 MHz core/memory clock speeds. Unified Video Decoder and ATI Avivo HD video. Comes with TV-Out and dual DVI connectors. DirectX 10.1 API and pixel shader 4.0 technology support. CrossFire and HDCP capable.


Gigabyte Radeon HD 3870 Reviews Rating: 85 out of 100 based on 1 rating.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Neoseeker  --- Feb 27 '08
Legion Hardware  --- Nov 19 '07  --- Mar 07 '08
SharkyExtreme 8.5/10 May 14 '08
Tweak Town 93% Dec 13 '07
Virtual Hideout  --- Apr 10 '08
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Legion Hardware on Nov 21 '07

" would appear by avoiding going head to head with Nvidia in the high-end market, AMD might actually succeed by bringing value to this generation of mainstream graphics cards for the first..."

Read full review on Mar 10 '08

"Right now for the MSRP of $189, a 3870 is an excellent value for the consumer wanting high-end performance but not wanting to spend the money. Today’s $200 video card was yesterday’s high-end card..."

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Neoseeker on Feb 28 '08

"In the end, the Gigabyte HD 3870 is a good card, and it is a good deal to be had at around $200, but competition is so tight around this mark -- especially now with the release of the 9600GT --..."

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Tweak Town on Dec 13 '07

"The only real problem we can see with the card is at the moment the 3870 has the jump on the 8800GT in the price department. It’s a little bit cheaper than the 8800GT and it’s a little bit slower..."

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