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About the Product

Designed for use with PIII-Coppermine(FC-PGA) & Celeron socket 370 CPUs as well as legacy socket CPUs (eg. P54C/P55C). This is a black-anodized aluminium alloy 6063 mounted with a 4200 RPM ball-bearing fan rated at 26CFM airflow and 36dbA noise Level.


GlobalWIN FKP32 Cooler Reviews Rating: 80 out of 100 based on 3 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Neoseeker 90% May 11 '00
3D Spotlight 9/10 Apr 04 '00
ClubOverclocker 7/10 Apr 15 '00
CPU Burn 95% Jun 12 '00
HardOCP  --- Feb 17 '00
JSI Hardware 8/10 Jun 30 '00
Overclocker's Australia  --- Mar 11 '00
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3D Spotlight on

"The GlobalWin FKP-32 has an excellent design, so I'll let that whole DIMM slot deal slide. If you plan to use an elevated voltage with your CPU, getting a new and better performing cooler would be..."

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ClubOverclocker on

"The Global Win FKP32 is a powerful, well deshigned heatsink. For only $20.99 you can't go wrong! I've seen heatsink will half the cooling power of the FKP32 sell for more. I couldn't find much..."

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CPU Burn on

"I would recommend these products to anyone interested in getting good performance from their system as well as anyone looking to overclock, but not go quite as far as a pair of peltier coolers!..."

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HardOCP on

"I say buy the damn Global Win FKP32 if you have any concern over money at all. The FKP32 performs right next to the Alpha 6035 and leaves beer money in YOUR pocket, not Alpha's. Let's face it,..."

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JSI Hardware on

"Overall i think this is a great heatsink, while it may not be as good as some larger globalwin heatsinks or the Alpha heatsinks it is a bargain at the price"

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