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About the Product

The SD11 supports the AMD Athlon 500-650MHz with AMD Athlon system bus for FSB @ 200MHz. It features three DIMM sockets supporting a max of 768MB and supports UltraDMA 66 mode.


FIC SD11 Reviews Rating: 68 out of 100 based on 6 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Anandtech 79/C- Nov 26 '99
BXBoards 4.5/5 Oct 03 '99
FPS3D 5.1/6 Oct 05 '99
Gamers Depot  --- Oct 01 '99
Hardware Zone 4/5 Jul 08 '00
Lost Circuits  --- Aug 25 '99
Penstar Systems 85% Sep 24 '99
Real World Technologies  --- Aug 27 '99
SharkyExtreme Revision 1.8 8/10 Mar 03 '00 (brief article)  --- Dec 02 '99
Speedy3d 7/10 Apr 03 '00
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FIC SD11 Roundups and Shootouts

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FIC SD11 Previews

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GamePC Sep 22 '99
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Anandtech on Nov 26 '99

"Furthermore, the huge PCB increases manufacturing costs greatly, so FIC has had to cut costs in other areas, primarily by removing four of the switching voltage regulators from AMD's reference..."

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FPS3D on Oct 05 '99

"RAM tweaks are anything but scarce on the SD-11's BIOS... so if you're a RAM freak (don't take that wrong), AMI BIOS' are loaded with your vital nutritional goods."

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Hardware Zone on Jul 10 '00

"The SD11 does pack quite a few punches although it is one the very first few motherboards released in the market. The SD11 is fast, stable and simple"

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SharkyExtreme on Mar 03 '00

"The only two boards to stray far from the AMD reference design are the FIC SD11 and the ASUS K7M. While the K7M in some way resembles the AMD "Fester" design, the FIC SD11 goes quite a bit further..."

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Speedy3d on Apr 05 '00

"While most of the current Athlon mainboards use the AMD 'fester' design using the AMD 751 North Bridge (known as Irongate) and 751 (Viper) South Bridge, FIC decided to be a little more creative...."

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