: : : : Enermax Hoplite ST

About this Product

Top I/O interface for easy access and fastest data transfer
•Top SATA dock with dust shield
•3 x USB ports for simultaneous use
•Internal USB 3.0 support

Integrated 3-step fan speed controller for instant airflow adjustment (up to 3 fans)

Acryl window with clear view to show off interior rigs

Easy installation
•Enermax exclusive ODD tool-less design
•Tool-less 3.5” HDD tray (compatible with 2.5”devices)
•Removable HDD cage for high-end VGA card installation (up to 403mm)
•Cable management cut-outs with rubber grommets
•Ample room behind motherboard tray for cable routing (up to 20 mm)

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9.0 / 10