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This socket A motherboard, based on nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset, supports 266/333/400MHz FSB for AMD Athlon processors. It has 5 PCI, AGP 4x/8x, and 3 DDR DIMM sockets. The board supports UDMA/133, Serial ATA and comes with AWARD BIOS.


DFI LANPARTY NFII Ultra B Reviews Rating: 87 out of 100 based on 7 ratings. 1 user review.

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Avoid like the Plague!!!!!!!!!!!! 6/10 pissed off May 28, 2004
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Meta Reviews

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Neoseeker  --- Jul 28 '04
ClubOverclocker 9.5/10 Jan 21 '04
DataFuse.net 9.2/10 Dec 02 '03
Envy News 94/100 Dec 14 '03
FastLaneHW.com 9/10 Dec 08 '03
HardOCP  --- Dec 15 '03
HardwareZoom.com 9/10 Dec 26 '03
HTPC News 8/10 Jul 19 '04
Legion Hardware 95% Dec 29 '03
Lost Circuits  --- Jan 25 '04
MODTHEBOX! 9/10 Mar 07 '04
Ohls-Place  --- Nov 19 '03
PC Stats 100% Jan 15 '04
The Tech Lounge  --- Jul 23 '04
Viper's Lair  --- Jan 09 '04
X-bit labs  --- Feb 08 '04
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DFI LANPARTY NFII Ultra B Roundups and Shootouts

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ClubOverclocker on

"Without a doubt, the DFI LAN Party NFII Ultra B is by far the best Socket-A motherboard we have ever tested. Nothing has even come close."

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DataFuse.net on

"DFI got the chance to fine-tweak an already very good board, and the result is simply astonishing. This is by far the best Nforce II board I've come across."

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Envy News on

"If you’re in the market for a new motherboard for your AMD AthlonXP processor, there’s no better choice than DFI’s LanParty nForce2 Ultra Rev. B motherboard. Even if you’re not going to use all the..."

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FastLaneHW.com on

"Recommended to any AMD users who want the best of both worlds, without price being a concern."

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HardOCP on

"...the DFI Lan Party NFII Ultra B left us with a good feeling. There were some things that it did not do perfect, but it was one of those boards that did a lot of everything very well."

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