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About this Product

Upgrade your Windows® 7-based PC with Crucial Adrenaline to start up twice as fast and boost data access speeds by up to 8 times.*
SSD-like performance. Hard drive capacity.
While traditional hard drives offer high capacities to store a lot of content, solid state drives provide enhanced performance to access that content much more quickly. By using solid state technology as a cache for your existing hard drive, Crucial Adrenaline offers the best of both worlds: SSD-like performance without compromising the capacity of your hard drive.
How Crucial Adrenaline works.
A simple upgrade that allows you to keep your existing hard drive, Crucial Adrenaline comprises a 50GB Crucial m4 SSD, 3.5" adapter bracket, SATA cable, and Dataplex™ caching software**. The solution intelligently places, or "caches", the most frequently needed files (active data) on the SSD and leaves less frequently used files (inactive data) on the hard drive. The result? Faster application load times and increased boot speed.
An easy upgrade.
Because Crucial Adrenaline works with your existing hard drive, there’s no need to transfer files or programs. Simply connect the SSD to your motherboard with a standard SATA cable, start the computer, and then install the Dataplex caching software. Once the software is installed and the system has been rebooted, the software seamlessly integrates your existing hard drive and Crucial Adrenaline into a single storage system. Fully automated, the software then runs in the background and requires no user management.
Quality you can depend on.
Crucial is a trusted name when it comes to SSDs, and that’s no coincidence. As a brand of Micron, a leading innovator and manufacturer of SSDs, we work with our engineers to refine them, test them, and back them with terrific service, support, and a limited three year warranty.

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Crucial Adrenaline Reviews Rating: 70 out of 100 based on 4 ratings.

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circuitREMIX  --- May 01 '12  --- Jul 05 '12
Hardcoreware  --- May 28 '12
HardwareHeaven 9/10 Apr 11 '12
HardwareLook 10/10 Jun 27 '12
Myce  --- May 18 '12  --- Apr 23 '12
Techware Labs  --- Apr 10 '12 9/10 Jun 18 '12
TechSpot 90 Mar 26 '12
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circuitREMIX on May 01 '12

"In the end, Crucial with it's faster m4 based cache solution comes out on top. Crucial's Adrenaline Solid State Cache drive offers great bang for the buck, and comes highly recommended by us."

Read full review on Jul 05 '12

"Getting the Adrenaline kit is not something that I would personally do as I’d rather have a super fast boot drive with the vast majority of my content on and then a separate high capacity drive for..."

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Hardcoreware on May 28 '12

"In my opinion, if you are building a mid-range system, you need to include an SSD Cache drive such as the Crucial Adrenaline. It would actually be more useful than trying to manage a 128GB install..."

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HardwareHeaven on Apr 11 '12

"A quick and simple way to boost the performance of a new or existing build."

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HardwareLook on Jun 28 '12

"Overall the Crucial Adrenaline has outperformed its competitor in speed and pricing, thus making it the best available."

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