Corsair Force F120 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.3/10

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Corsair Force F120 Reviews

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HardwareCanucks  --- Jul 26 '10
Overclockers Club  --- Jul 05 '10  --- Jul 08 '10
Tech Report  --- Jun 21 '10
ThinkComputers  --- Aug 24 '10
Tweak Town 93% Jul 01 '10
Neoseeker  --- Dec 12 '10
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Corsair Force F120 Roundups and Shootouts

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Corsair Force F120 Review X-bit labs -- Jan 04 '11

Corsair Force F120 Previews

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"When push comes to shove, it really is up to you to decide what your main priorities are. Having the absolute best of the best is your top priority; you may wish to look elsewhere. However, if you are like most hard-working Joes with a craving for speed yet need to stick to a reasonable budget, then this drive should be on your ultra-short list. We may not be able to say that it is the best option for all but we can say it is a good option for many. For this reason we award the Corsair F120 our Damn Good Value award."
"What is all the hype around the SandForce SF-1200 SSD controller? Let's investigate the matter with the first SandForce-based SSD entering Neoseeker's labs: the Corsair Force 120GB."
"When it comes down to benchmarking the Corsair Force Series 100GB SSD, I was quite happy with the results that it was able to provide, despite a few benchmarks that gave it a bit of trouble when it was compared to the Mushkin drive. However, it was still able to beat the other drives in a majority of the testing."
"Perhaps most significantly is the Force F120 comes with a 120GB capacity rather than only 100GB like the other competing SandForce drives. Offering 20% more capacity for consumers but only costing about 3% more at $335 USD, this is an extremely enticing proposition. Corsair's decision to drop some over-provisioning in exchange for higher data capacity is a very smart one, and should be a hit with consumers looking for the best bang for their buck, even though the Force F120 isn't cheap to begin with. Quite simply, if you want a SandForce SSD, the Corsair Force F120 is the best deal out there, offering higher capacity for a very small price premium, and some blistering fast speed to boot."
"The move to 7% overprovisioning allows SF-1200-based drives like the F120 to compete more directly with other desktop SSDs on price. Unfortunately, the direct competition is stiff, even within Corsair's own stable. The Indilinx-based Nova V128 has nearly an identical cost per gigabyte, but faster used-state copy speeds, higher multitasking throughput, more consistent write speeds, and even better performance in our handful of application tests. For a desktop OS and applications drive, I'd choose the Nova over the Force. The Force F120 is only more attractive than rivals like the Nova if you're willing to give up some performance for greater longevity and higher peak throughput with random writes. I can see specific cases where those attributes might be desirable enough to tip the balance, but not in a typical enthusiast's desktop."