Chaintech VNF4/Ultra ZENITH VE

Chaintech VNF4/Ultra ZENITH VE


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About the Product

The VNF4 Ultra ZENITH VE is a socket 939 motherboard for Athlon 64 CPUs that uses the Nvidia nForce4 Ultra chipset. It has 4 DDR DIMM slots, 1 PCI-Express x16, 2 PCI-Express x1, 3 PCI slots, integrated audio (Realtek ALC850)with coaxial S/PDIF output, 4 SATA-300 channels, 2 ATA-133 channels, 10 USB2.0 ports but no FireWire ports.
There is also a cheaper version of this board (VNF4 ZENITH VE) that instead uses the NVIDIA nForce4 (non-Ultra) chipset. The features are almost the same, except that ActiveArmor network security is missing and SATA-300 is reduced to SATA-150.


Chaintech VNF4/Ultra ZENITH VE Reviews Rating: 87 out of 100 based on 4 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Neoseeker  --- Apr 14 '05
AMD Zone 89/100 Jul 11 '05
Hardware Asylum 5/5 Apr 19 '05
HTPC News  --- Jul 26 '05
Legion Hardware 85% May 09 '05  --- Feb 25 '05
MBReview  --- May 23 '05 77/100 Jun 08 '05
Overclocker Cafe  --- Jun 29 '05
PC Stats 79% Apr 20 '05  --- Sep 14 '05
Techware Labs  --- Oct 09 '05
X-bit labs  --- Jan 19 '05
Xtreme Resources 8.0/10 Aug 04 '05
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Hardware Asylum on Apr 20 '05

"High HTT speeds fuel even higher memory clocks, you combine that with as system that doesn't require insane voltages and you get a very user friendly system that doesn't demand much in terms of..."

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Legion Hardware on May 12 '05

"Chaintech has done an excellent job implementing the nForce4 Ultra chipset into this no-frills ATX motherboard. Overall, the VNF4 Ultra ZENITH VE is an ideal solution for those looking for an..."

Read full review on Feb 25 '05

"...the board is inexpensive, stable, and definitely has a market. I wouldn't recommend Chaintech's VNF4 Ultra to everyone, but I would recommend it to those of you who are just starting off or..."

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MBReview on May 24 '05

"All in all, if you’re looking to upgrade to an nForce4 board that offers more overclocking capabilities that the other nForce4 boards we’ve seen thus far, the VNF4 Zenith VE could be what you’re..."

Read full review on Jun 13 '05

"If you're looking for a no-nonsense basic Athlon64 motherboard today, I would suggest the Chaintech VNF4 Ultra Value Edition. You get all of the cool features of the nForce4 platform including..."

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