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About the Product

The Chaintech 7VJL Apogee is a Socket A motherboard that uses the VIA KT333 chipset to achieve a FSB of 200/266MHz. It has 3 DDR memory slots, 6 32-bit PCI slots, and 1 AGP 2x/4x slot. It support UATA 66/100 for IDE devices. It also support standard serial, parallel, PS/2, USB and IR interface.


Chaintech 7VJL Apogee Reviews Rating: 90 out of 100 based on 4 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
3DVelocity 94% Oct 16 '02
Explosive Labs  --- Jul 20 '02
HardOCP  --- Aug 27 '02
Hardware Zone 4.5/5 Jul 11 '02  --- Oct 01 '02
Hot Hardware 9/10 Aug 02 '02
OC Tools  --- Jul 08 '02 4.6/5 Jul 21 '02
Overclockers NZ  --- Jul 08 '02
OverclockersOnline  --- Sep 23 '02
VIAHardware 8.5/10 Jul 26 '02
Vision Online  --- Aug 16 '02
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3DVelocity on Oct 16 '02

"As it stands it has still earned my respect as one of the best all round boards in its class and whether you value cosmetics, stability, layout or price the Apogee 7VJL has something to offer. A..."

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HardOCP on Aug 28 '02

"...Chaintech has done a great job of combining great looks, colored PCB and a little flash with a super bundle and damn good performance. The icing on this cake is price; somehow Chaintech has..."

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Hardware Zone on Jul 12 '02

"...the Chaintech 7VJL Apogee is an attractive board with good stability, solid performance and excellent bundles. For those who crave for a board with bold looks, the Apogee is definitely the one..."

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OC Tools on Jul 09 '02

"...we don't have anything but great praise for it. If you are an enthusiast who fiddles a lot with your board, then this is the board for you. Free from the hassles of further modifying it as its..."

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Overclockers NZ on Jul 08 '02

"ChainTech Apogee is a stable motherboard with loads of overclocking features and accessories. This is not a bad entry for ChainTech but it will not earn any awards from me. The overclocking..."

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