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BitFenix Hydra Pro Reviews

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BitFenix Hydra Pro Review Overclockers Club -- Nov 20 '12

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"Cooling is a big deal in computers, it always has been too, especially with modern processors and graphics cards all requiring through cooling solutions to deal with the higher clock rates and temperatures they are capable of generating, so a cool system with an even airflow is vital to keeping your system in good health. Having any level of control over the input and output of air in your system is a big win over the stock speeds of your fans, which is why I am award the Hydra our Innovation Award. The technology here may not be that innovative and fan controllers them selves aren’t exactly a new type of product either, but the Hydra Pros simple design and its ease of use, combined with its effective performance and low price are what make this a winner for me."
"BitFenix’s $45 Recon is a different beast altogether. Instead of physical knobs or sliders, it uses an innovative high contrast touchscreen LCD panel and more importantly BitFenix has included the ability to control every feature via the internet. This means fan speeds and temperatures can be effectively control and monitored from anywhere in the world, provided there’s an active internet connection. Unfortunately, unlike the Hydra the Recon can only output up to 10W on each of its five channels but that should still be enough for most of the fans currently on the market. It does however still incorporate the same soft touch bezel as its Hydra sibling."
"The Hydra Pro offers fan speed and LED lighting control (for BitFenix fans) in one 5.25" drive bay package."
"If you are looking for a simple for very functional fan controller while the Hydra Pro needs to be on your shopping list. Many of us love the complexity of some devices including fan controllers, but there is a lot of people that like to keep things neat and simplistic, this is where the Hydra Pro comes in. A total of 30 watts on each of the five channels should be plenty for someone running a decent amount of fans. And if their LED can be controlled as well that is an added plus as the Hydra Pro can shut them off with a flick of a button."