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About the Product

This NTSC TV tuner and personal video recorder features an onboard Theater 550 Pro video processor, 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion to optimize analog video reception from TV channels or external video sources and hardware MPEG encoding. Includes Remote Wonder Plus remote control.


ATI TV Wonder Elite Reviews Rating: 78 out of 100 based on 4 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
3D Accelerated Gaming 4.7/5.0 May 25 '05
Beyond3D  --- Aug 30 '05 85% Apr 07 '05 8/10 Mar 01 '05
Hot Hardware 7.5/10 Mar 04 '05
NextGen 94% Feb 23 '05
Rage 3D 3/5 Mar 09 '05
Tech-Mods  --- Aug 17 '05  --- Jul 07 '05
Viper's Lair  --- Mar 16 '05
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ATI TV Wonder Elite Roundups and Shootouts

title website score publish date
ATI TV Wonder Elite Review Anandtech -- Apr 12 '05
ATI TV Wonder Elite Review Tech Report -- Apr 13 '05

3D Accelerated Gaming on May 25 '05

"The TV Wonder Elite is in a class by itself in terms of quality in TV Tuning. The hardware itself is fine. The fault lies in the software packaged with the product. The 550 Pro chip produced less..."

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Beyond3D on Aug 30 '05

"For those users who want to use their PC for just games and web browsing, plus the occasional TV/radio, a combined TV-tuner and graphics card may be a better option but for those people who are..."

Read full review on Apr 08 '05

"...this is a viable TV solution for people looking to build their own Media Center PC or if they just want to have TV on their personal computer. The live TV image quality is impeccable and I found..."

Read full review on Mar 01 '05

"The Theater 550 Pro processor used in the TV Wonder Elite really makes this product stand out from the others. The TV Wonder Elite is able to take an incoming analog signal and make you feel like..."

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Hot Hardware on Mar 04 '05

"As far as image quality goes, there is an overall improvement over previous solutions, but we have some reservations due to the problems that we encountered, mostly on the software side. While..."

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