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About the Product

This 200MHz Radeon card comes with 32MB of SDRAM. The Charisma engine is hardware T&L capable of 30M Triangles/s and up to 8 lights. Pixel Tapestry provides 1500Mtexels/s with 2 pipelines. Comes with the ATI Rage Theatre Chip and TV-Out.


ATI Radeon 32MB SDR Reviews Rating: 80 out of 100 based on 1 rating.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Anandtech  --- Oct 13 '00
Bench House  --- Dec 13 '00
Gamers Depot 4/5 Oct 13 '00
Rage 3D  --- Oct 01 '00
Tom's Hardware  --- Oct 19 '00
X-bit labs  --- Dec 27 '00
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Anandtech on

"The Radeon SDR marks ATI's first entry into the low-cost market with a Radeon based product, and because of their powerful HyperZ features, the Radeon SDR does not flop as a performance product..."

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Bench House on

"There was no program for grabbing screenshots of adequate quality that could illustrate brilliance of Radeon`s image quality but I figure you`ll get a hint - this is something that has to be seen..."

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Gamers Depot on

"The Radeon SDR’s main difference from the other Radeon units that have come before it is, of course, the use of SDR memory instead of DDR. Couple that with slower clock rates, allowing cheaper..."

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Rage 3D on

"So which chipset is more futureproof, Radeon256 or GeForce2 MX? Each has its own way of approaching the same problem of providing the best graphics solution for the least money. Architecturally,..."

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Tom's Hardware on

"All results of our initial tests are now overruled by the new NVIDIA Detonator3 drivers. These boost the performance of GeForce2 GTS chips to levels where the Radeon 64MB DDR is left in the dust...."

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