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AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 1.2GHz


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About the Product

The Athlon Thunderbird 1.2GHz is an x86 compatible processor that features on-chip cache of 256KB L2 and 128KB L1. Also, it features an enhanced 3DNow! technology.


AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 1.2GHz Reviews Rating: 85 out of 100 based on 2 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date article quality
FiringSquad 89% Oct 17 '00
GamePC  --- Dec 22 '00
Gamers Depot 5/6 Oct 17 '00
Gamespy  --- Nov 19 '00
Planet Hardware affiliate  --- Oct 19 '00
SharkyExtreme 8.5/10 Oct 17 '00
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AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 1.2GHz Roundups and Shootouts

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FiringSquad on

"As impressive as the 1.1GHz Athlon was, we're even more impressed by the 1.2GHz processor. Obviously we're going to like it more because it runs faster, but there's more to it than that. Unlike..."

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GamePC on

"The Thunderbird Athlon at 1.2 GHz is the pinnacle of the second generation Athlon platform. The first being the Slot-1 K7 core, the second being the Thunderbird Athlon K75 core. Soon, we'll see the..."

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Gamers Depot on

"AMD Athlon and Duron family operate in the x86 space, but they do so with innovation and not a complete re-hash of the past. It would be a shame if Intel were to lose so much of what they have..."

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Gamespy on

"But, perhaps the best kept secret about the new 1.2GHz Athlon is the price tage - a lean $500 or so. Compare that to the $700 or so you'd plunk down for a 1GHz Pentium III and you can see why OEMs..."

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Planet Hardware on

"The simple conclusion that we've come to, after hours of testing and benchmarking - the 1.2GHz Athlon is as fast as greased lightning. In all of our tests it performed with rock solid stability,..."

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  • Product Type: CPUs
  • Manufacturer: AMD
  • Released
    North AmericaOct 17, 2000
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