Asus ARES HD 5870 4GB Pro Reviews

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Asus ARES HD 5870 4GB Reviews

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HardwareCanucks  --- Jul 25 '10
HardwareHeaven  --- Jul 08 '10
Hot Hardware  --- Jul 08 '10
Inside Hardware  --- Jul 11 '10  --- Jul 07 '10
Overclock3D.Net  --- Jul 07 '10
PC Perspective  --- Jul 07 '10
techPowerUp!  --- Jul 07 '10
Neoseeker  --- Jul 08 '10
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Asus ARES HD 5870 4GB Previews

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Quoted from Asus ARES HD 5870 4GB Reviews:
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"Let’s throw practicality out the window for a second here and look at the ARES without taking price into consideration. If you are even considering buying this card, you likely don’t care about cost. You care about exclusivity and having bragging rights for months to come and in this respect, ASUS has succeeded beyond our expectations. There is no denying that the ARES is currently king of the hill when it comes to uncompromising single card performance and everything about its design is cutting edge. As such, it wins our Dam Innovative Award. If ASUS can bring this kind of innovation and forward thinking mentality over to the NVIDIA side of things, we may have a real spectacle to behold."
"There are setups out there which provide better price to performance ratio’s but the ARES isn’t about being the best in that area. It is about providing a unique consumer experience, a high quality collector’s item which sets itself apart from the competition and in these areas it succeeds; whilst still providing a great level of performance and usability."
"And that's if you're one of the lucky few that can get in on the action. The Asus ARES will be a limited edition product, with only 1000 being introduced into the U.S. market. Considering its ultra-high-end specs and relatively small pool of potential buyers, Asus was smart to make this a limited edition product. But something tells us all 1000 of these puppies are going to disappear from store shelves. We know ours isn't going to make it out of the lab without a fight."
"When we’re talking about ASUS ARES itself, the final judgment is very simple. A huge amount of money invested will grant you the best possible currently available performance. Other than that, ARES is also a status symbol, which only an extremely limited number of users will be able to afford. Anything else is less important, since the future owner of this card couldn’t care less about consumption, temperature, noise and similar trivialities, because this card delivers the most important thing, unconditional performance."
"The ASUS ARES is the fastest video card that we have ever tested, but it is also the heaviest and most expensive!"