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Arctic-Cooling Freezer 64 Pro review
One of the top air coolers for Athlon 64

The good:

  • Low Noise
  • Low Weight
  • Easy to Install
  • High cooling efficiency

    The bad:

  • The large size makes it awkward for some cases


    Normally I'm the kinda guy who sticks with stock cooling or on the odd occasion Thermaltake stuff. I was skeptical even after all the good stuff I'd read but boy was I impressed.

    The cooler comes packaged in a small not very exciting box detailing the cooling stats and it also has nice picture of the cooler. Nothing really prepares you for the immense size of the cooler though

    The cooler is pretty big but very light and is composed mainly of aluminium with a copper base and copper heatpipes. It also comes with paste pre applied similar to the stock cooler. Depending on your preference you may want to remove this and replace it with something else, I left it on.

    Installation is simple using the standard AMD retention bracket method and DOES NOT require motherboard removal.

    After turning the power on the first thing that strike you is the noise (or lack of it). The maximum rotation speed is 2200RPM so this thing is as quiet at max speed as the stock cooler is on its lowest speed. The next thing that struck me is the temperature 24-27 degrees celsius where the AMD cooler was 30-33 degrees for me previously.

    The only thing which prevents the me giving this cooler a perfect score is the fact that I had to remove the optional passive air duct from my P180 to make it fit. This is due to the fact that the fan stands up vertically on its side rather than flat and horizontal on the CPU.

    At £15 you could certainly call this cooler a bargain.

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