Antec P280 Pro Reviews

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Antec P280 Reviews

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Benchmark Reviews 9.2/10 Mar 24 '12
Big Bruin  --- Feb 01 '12
Cowcotland  --- Oct 28 '13  --- Jan 12 '13
KitGuru  --- Jan 25 '12
NikKTech  --- Jan 19 '13  --- Mar 20 '12
Tech Report  --- Jan 08 '12
techPowerUp! 9.2/10 Nov 17 '11
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"Although the Antec P280 is near perfect especially for our readers who would like their computers to be silent it would be nice to see two more 120mm fans added to the front as it could help drop temperatures a little and give our readers a little more headroom for overclocking. None-the-less the Antec P280 provides a great level of customizability, quiet performance, and a beautiful design without breaking the bank. Because of that, I am glad to award the Antec P280 with Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award."
"Because it is super quiet under load, has a ton of room for expandability, good cable management, and tool-less design coupled with really good construction that will last for many years to come, the Antec P280 earns both the "Highly Recommended" and "Whisper Quiet" awards."
"It’s not all good however as I do have one major shortfall on the P280 design, while the chassis does come fitted with three 120mm exhaust fans, there are no pre-installed intake fans, which for a chassis of this size seems like an oversight, so I would suggest picking up a pair of 120mm fans along side this chassis so that you can really enjoy its capabilities. This minor oversight aside I still think this is one of the most versatile chassis on the market today and its perfect for those that want all the bite of a powerful system, without the bark of loud design features often found on other gaming chassis."
"ecause of the price and overall potential of the P280 we have no problem recommending this chassis and consider it a product “Worth Buying”."
"When Antec announced the Performance One P280 Super Mid Tower a few months back i was really excited mainly because the first thought that came to mind was that since the P193 V3 was a great PC Case (and just an upgrade of the original P193) the brand new P280 would be a lot better and although i wasn't 100% on the spot the P280 proved to be a very good PC Case. As a matter of fact it is so good that as all of you know we decided to ask Antec to include one in our current giveaway. Now the only reason i say that i wasn't 100% on the spot is because the P280 may follow the same design and share many of the features found in its predecessors but it's not as quiet (marginally worse) and also lacks the left side panel fan featured in the P193 V3. On the other hand it's lighter, has a better airflow potential (if you install all 7 fans), has an all-black painted interior and generally it's a more "complete" solution than its predecessors. Still there's room for improvement so i really hope Antec releases a P300 or something similar really soon."