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Antec Aria review
Aria Case

The good:

At first I loved the ability of tha case to take real motherboards and its total upgradeability. The power supply is great and the noise level low.

The bad:

One scratched and worthless motherboard later (culprit was the fancy clips instead of standoffs) and finally bought a
new motherboard (which was purchased installed in case). I then turned to installing hard drive and a DVD burner. The metal container you put them in is very ingeneous. First you drop the front two molded on steel conectors into a slot semi-upright and slide it to the front before loweribg unit so that back 2 bolts fit in the side back slots.

But surprise, if you make the slighest miscalculation, the fron bolts bend and so does the track it slides on.
Result, having to bend steel back into shape is no fun.

So I will get to that when I can.


Looks great, but not for most people. Get rid of the clips and allow for removal of front cover to install hard drives, Burners. I have built over 50 computers. This is only the second that I lost a motherboard and is extremely tight to work in. So add 6 inches to the depth of the case, and front panel access and it would live up to its promise. But changing components in the future will be a nightmare and will probably not be for most of us with non-athletic hands.

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