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About the Product

The Socket AM2+ Phenom 9600 is a 65nm quad-core Phenom CPU with AMD64 technology, and 2.3GHz processor frequency. Unlocked CPU multiplier. Features 1 16-bit/16-bit HyperTransport 3.0 link (up to 3600MHz system bus full duplex), 512KB L1 cache (128KB per core), 2MB L2 cache (512KB per core), and 2MB L3 cache. Direct Connect Architecture allows for integrated DDR2 memory controller.


AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition Reviews Rating: 75 out of 100 based on 2 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Neoseeker  --- Feb 06 '08
AMD Zone  --- Dec 23 '07
Bjorn3D 7/10 Jan 02 '08
Elite Bastards  --- Mar 25 '08
FiringSquad 70% Mar 16 '08
Overclock3D.Net  --- Mar 10 '08
Overclockers Club  --- Feb 24 '08
PC Perspective  --- Dec 27 '07
SharkyExtreme 8/10 Feb 08 '08
Techware Labs  --- Feb 13 '08
Tom's Hardware  --- Feb 05 '08
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Bjorn3D on Jan 03 '08

"We can in all good conscience recommend this chip to current owners of Socket AM2 boards that are running AMD 64 X2 processors, as this would be an easy upgrade assuming your motherboard has a BIOS..."

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Elite Bastards on Mar 25 '08

"Overall then, I have to give AMD suitable kudos for bringing the unlocked multiplier to the masses at a great price point with the Phenom 9600 Black Edition, but I fear that given both the..."

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Neoseeker on Feb 06 '08

"Is the Phenom 9600 Black Edition worth it? Well, its the same price as the regular Phenom 9600, so if you were going to get a Phenom 9600, you may as well get the Black Edition for some relatively..."

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Overclock3D.Net on Mar 10 '08

"I will say that those of you with AM2 boards need look no further, drop a Phenom into the system and you'll be smiling at the performance increase. However, for those building a new system we can't..."

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Overclockers Club on Feb 25 '08

"The AMD Phenom 9600 Black Box Edition is definitely not a processor that does well when overclocked. From BSODs to BIOS corruption when trying to overclock, you might be missing some hair since..."

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