AMD FX-8350 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.2/10

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AMD FX-8350 Reviews

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Benchmark Reviews 8.95/10 Oct 23 '12
Cowcotland  --- Oct 23 '12  --- Oct 23 '12
Hardcoreware  --- Oct 22 '12
HardwareCanucks  --- Oct 22 '12
HardwareHeaven 9/10 Oct 23 '12
iXBT Hardware  --- Jan 28 '13
Overclockers Club  --- Oct 22 '12 5/5 Oct 23 '12
Technic3D  --- Oct 23 '12
techPowerUp! 9/10 Oct 23 '12
Techware Labs  --- Oct 23 '12
Tom's Hardware  --- Oct 23 '12
X-bit labs  --- Oct 22 '12
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AMD FX-8350 Roundups and Shootouts

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AMD FX-8350 Review PC Perspective -- Oct 23 '12

AMD FX-8350 Previews

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Quoted from AMD FX-8350 Reviews:
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"On a pure performance level, right now AMD offers a better bang-for-the-buck in the $200 CPU market than does Intel. If your AMD rig already sports an FX-8150, there's no reason to upgrade; but if you're thinking about upgrading from an earlier AMD or Intel system, an FX-8350-based system should definitely be on your short list."
"While the CPU did perform well across a multitude of tests, showing some really strong, and frankly amazing numbers, we don’t feel that it warrants receiving our extreme performance award, and while the the overclocking side of things proved to be fantastic, we feel that it deserves a little bit more and in terms of innovation, AMD certainly have learnt their lesson from the FX-8150 and improved on it and have released a product that can start to rival the competition slightly, but it all depends on what Intel have up their sleeve. Though their is one area that Intel can’t touch AMD on, and that is of course; value for money. With this particular flagship CPU priced at around the $195 mark, it really is a fantastic product for the money and offers extreme bang for buck for the customer, and that’s exactly why we feel it deserves just that; the bang for buck award."
"Today, AMD struck back at Intel in the price range that matters – under $250 – and beat them in almost every aspect. Each AMD Piledriver FX processor exceeds its price targeted Intel competition in almost all aspects of performance, especially for the price. The only ‘wins’ we saw for the Intel chips were sometimes smoother performance in gaming (this was pretty close for the most part, with the exception of Skyrim) and of course power consumption."
"In a world of simple incremental improvements, the FX-8350 is a breath of fresh air. It may not be the fastest processor on the block and like Bulldozer, Piledriver is defined by excellent multi core performance alongside lackluster single thread benchmark scores. However, the FX-8350’s enticing price, overall performance against the immediate Intel competition and improvements over AMD's previous generation should make it an instant hit."
"A good mid-high end CPU which offers a decent mix of price and performance backed by up to date features when combined with a 990FX motherboard."