Aeneon XTUNE PC3-12800 Kit Pro Reviews

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Aeneon XTUNE PC3-12800 Kit Reviews

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Neoseeker  --- May 16 '08
Benchmark Reviews 9/10 May 15 '08
Hardwareoverclock Austria  --- May 11 '08
Overclockers Club  --- May 26 '08
OverclockersOnline  --- Jul 22 '08  --- Jul 11 '08
ThinkComputers 8/10 May 21 '08 10/10 Sep 09 '08
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Aeneon XTUNE PC3-12800 Kit Previews

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"...this will be an excellent 1600 MHz kit for hardware enthusiasts wishing to overclock their system to its limit, or the performance-level system builder wanting to take advantage of the industries highest FSB setting. While the CL9 latency is not what I would consider great, I have to remember that higher capacity DDR3 require such long 'Fly-by' command times. Overclocking this kit was made simple by the added XMP functionality, but manually configuring the settings allowed much more performance. Ultimately 4 GB system memory kits will replace 2 GB version, especially as Windows Vista is adopted by users."
"If you can get the Aeoneon XTune DDR3-1600's for roughly the same amount of money as DDR2-1066 (PC8500) memory, you are doing well, as they would be roughly comparable in performance."
"I was not very impressed by how much I was able to overclock the actual speed of the memory because I was only able to gain 92MHz from the rated speeds and did have to loosen the timings. I was impressed at the performance that the XTune DDR3 1600 kit was able to produce at all of the speeds that I tested it at, 1333MHz, 1600MHz and 1692MHz. Even when the memory was underclocked to 1333MHz, it was able to stay very close to the other kits that it was compared against. I would recommend this kit of memory to anyone who is looking to get into the DDR3 scene as it is going to give you some headroom when overclocking your processor when it is set between 1333MHz and 1600MHz."
"The performance was where we'd expect a DDR3-1600 kit to fall. My PC feels snappier and more responsible. I don't have the pesky lagging issues because Photoshop has chewed up more memory than my old 2GB system could provide. If you're building a new machine and DDR3 is the way you're heading, I would consider picking up the Aeneon XTune DDR3-1600 4GB package. It may cost more but with Windows XP on the way out and Vista being the primary Microsoft OS, you'll want the extra bit of memory."
"This is the first 4 gig kit of DDR3 we have tested and it tested pretty well with all things considered. At stock voltages we were able to obtain a decent overclock of 1690MHz which is not bad when only running 1.5 volts. The increase in voltage netted a small increase in the front bus as well. That increase was only another 38MHz for a total of 1728. This was done at 1.65 volts as anything higher would not warrant any gain. Our worry here is that we were not able to get an extreme FSB out of this kit. We are glad we did get what we did but some people see the 1900MHz barrier or even 2000MHz a plateau they would like to reach and we did not with this kit. Even with voltage that would void any warranties we could not get pass 1728MHz."