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Abit AB9 Pro Reviews

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Neoseeker  --- Oct 10 '06
Anandtech  --- Jul 24 '06
HardOCP  --- Oct 26 '06
Hexus  --- Oct 13 '06
Motherboards.org 87/100 Nov 16 '06
PC Perspective  --- Dec 13 '06
PC Stats 80% Apr 10 '07
Viper's Lair  --- Oct 27 '06
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Abit AB9 Pro Roundups and Shootouts

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Abit AB9 Pro Review Hot Hardware -- Oct 25 '06
Abit AB9 Pro Review Tech Report -- Oct 10 '06

Abit AB9 Pro Previews

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Quoted from Abit AB9 Pro Reviews:
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"Our latest preview of the Abit AB9 Pro now shows a motherboard capable of living up to its full performance capability. While we only noticed a couple of minor issues with the BIOS during a rigorous test schedule, we have to state once again that the overall board layout is unusual if not chaotic. This may appeal to some, but we found the location of the IDE and floppy port connectors to be very difficult to work with in our test case. These port locations ensured the use of long cables and the partial blockage of airflow over the CPU and Memory locations - certainly not what you want with a Pentium D processor, but perhaps a less critical flaw for Core 2 Duo users. Our other issue is the lack of a secondary PCI-E X16 physical slot that could provide PCI-E X4 capability for an additional graphics card or other PCI-E peripherals. We feel like this would have been a better option than providing two PCI-E X1 slots."
"Poor layout, poor stock stability, and poor overclocking are three reasons not to buy a AB9 Pro. There are some great Core 2 Duo motherboards out there right now from the likes of ASUS, GIGABYTE, and even Biostar for overclockers."
"The layout is odd in places but overall the AB9 Pro really shines, and that's mainly down to a BIOS that's excellent and a feature set that gives away nothing for the user that cares not about dual graphics cards. Therefore if you have a Core 2 Duo in mind and some DDR2 worthy of the slots the AB9 Pro carries, definitely put it on your shortlist. P965 is great and abit take the sting out of ICH8R's lack of ATA, keeping the AB9 Pro currently relevant and appealing for a bunch of folks."
"Performance on the AB9 Pro board was excellent, typical of the 965 chipset series motherboards seen thus far. Overclocking on the board went well, with uGuru clocking the CPU up to 10% above default with no stability issues and the FSB clocking to 350MHz at maximum. Not the highest ever seen, but not bad either. The strange placement of the PATA controller and FDD controller aside, the layout on the AB9 Pro is excellent. Not quite an Editors choice product, but one that is solid and reputable for its class."
"The Core 2 Duo's overclock AMAZINGLY well on a good motherboard, and the Abit AB9 Pro is definitely a good motherboard. The SATA performance is outstanding, and it performs almost identically - sometimes a hair better, sometimes a hair worse - as our Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi, which was our reigning P965 champion. The AB9 Pro tied it, which is an excellent result. There are many things to like about the board - the overabundance of SATA ports, POST LED, great overclocking features in the BIOS, plenty of USB2 ports, firewire, optical audio input and output, clean layout and more - but what really wins enthusiasts hearts and minds is excellent peformance, and the AB9 Pro delivers."

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