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About the Product

The Thermalright AX-7 is a HSF unit that measures 80 x 80 x 38 mm total. It features a 77 x 77 x 80 mm fan that operates at 5700RPM, generating 80dbA and 52.5CFM, and a copper heat spread.


Thermalright AX-7 Reviews Rating: 97 out of 100 based on 3 ratings.

Meta Reviews

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8balls Hardware  --- Mar 25 '02  --- Feb 12 '02
ClubOverclocker  --- Feb 25 '02
Envy News 94/100 Apr 24 '02
LanOC  --- Nov 27 '13
OC Prices  --- Feb 20 '02
OverclockersOnline  --- Feb 26 '02
PC Abusers  --- Mar 11 '02 9.5/10 Sep 23 '02
SubZeroTech 10/10 Feb 22 '02
Tek Sector  --- Jun 06 '02
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8balls Hardware on Mar 25 '02

"Thermalright has shown that to have good performance, there is no real need to go entirely copper. A hybrid of copper and aluminium will do a kick-ass job, providing the design is efficient and..."

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ClubOverclocker on Feb 26 '02

"...the fan is the muscle behind this cooler and it is also it's downfall due to the horrendous noise. If you do decide to go with this heatsink and fan, I highly recommend that you also purchase..."

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Envy News on Apr 24 '02

"Thermalright’s AX-7 definitely is a performance champ and deservedly so! Thermalright has made all the right moves with their latest high-performance heatsink and I have a feeling it’s going to..."

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LanOC on Nov 08 '14

"Lately we’ve been taking a look at CPU coolers for larger ATX setups in more traditional cases but with the recent Lunchbox build it is clear that the little guys need some attention. To that end..."

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OverclockersOnline on Feb 27 '02

"...a real winner that will fit well on all those overclocked processors out there! Because of the great price/performance ratio and the high quality of the unit, I have no other choice than to give..."

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