Thermaltake Chrome Orb Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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Thermaltake Chrome Orb Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Hardcoreware 86% Oct 20 '00
Hexus  --- Sep 21 '00
Insane Hardware 9/10 Sep 06 '00
JSI Hardware  --- Dec 02 '00
PC Insight 8/10 Dec 09 '00
PC Roddin  --- Oct 10 '00
Tech Zone  --- Sep 22 '00
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Thermaltake Chrome Orb Roundups and Shootouts

title website score publish date
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Thermaltake Chrome Orb Previews

website publish date article rating
Tweak Town Aug 22 '00
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Quoted from Thermaltake Chrome Orb Reviews:
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"The Golden Orb was a great cooler, it had a particularly good Price/Performance ratio for cooling your overclocked Pentium 3's or Celeron II's. Unfortunately, Athlons and Durons run a LOT hotter than the P3's. The Chrome Orb is enough to overclock your processor quite a bit, but to go all the way, you wil probably want something a bit more robust"
"'To fully test this cooler out I first ran it with the Duron at default Mhz and Voltage and then at 950mhz and 1.85 VCore."
"Thermaltake really have come up with the goods with this model, dispite having trouble earlier on in the game. They have come through and hit a home run with the DU0462! The box that the unit comes in also has installation instructions aswell as in big bold text "For Socket 462 Only". There should be no consumer confusion with this model."
"Performance wise its definitely a serious contender for the big names such as Alpha and GlobalWin although the Alphas come with a high price tag and the GlobalWin's FOP38 comes with a free set of ear defenders cos the fan is sooo LOUD! just kidding about the ear defenders although it would be a good idea."
"In order to properly evaluate whether or not the Chrome Orb performs its duties well, we installed the cooler on an overclocked Duron 600 CPU running at 950MHz with a Soltek 75KV2-X motherboard. The core voltage (Vcore) of the processor was checked in at 1.88V thereby ensuring a rather substantial amount of heat to be emitted from the chip."