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About the Product

The Thermaltake Crystal Orb chipset cooler is an enclosed 50 x 50 x 15 (mm) ball-bearing fan that operates at 5500 RPM, and generates 12.4 CFM and 26.4 dbA.


Thermaltake Crystal Orb Reviews Rating: 82 out of 100 based on 2 ratings. 1 user review.

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Oooh Shiny orb! 6/10 Tenquo Oct 21, 2004
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Meta Reviews

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8balls Hardware  --- Jun 24 '02  --- Apr 30 '02
ClubOverclocker  --- Feb 04 '02
Hardcoreware 90% Nov 26 '01
Hardware Extreme 72% Jan 11 '02
Overclock Intelligence Agency  --- Feb 12 '02
Overclocked Cafe 90% Dec 06 '01
Overclocker Cafe  --- Oct 28 '01
PC Abusers  --- Apr 10 '02
Tweak Town 9.5/10 Oct 20 '01
Tweakers Australia 9/10 Feb 13 '02
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Thermaltake Crystal Orb Roundups and Shootouts

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8balls Hardware on Jun 24 '02

"Thermaltake's come up with a winner here, in my opinion. The Crystal Orb helped cool my graphics card GPU significantly, though the Geforce2MX GPU doesn't get all that hot to begin with. A full 5C..."

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ClubOverclocker on Feb 06 '02

"The Thermaltake Crystal Orb is a good looking GPU cooler with great performance. It installs very easily and is a much better choice for those who don't want to glue on one of those bulky GPU coolers."

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Hardcoreware on Nov 26 '01

"While it isn't a huge improvement over the Blue Orb, I think it might be worth waiting for this if you are looking into a video chipset cooler."

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Overclock Intelligence Agency on Feb 15 '02

"This cooler does a great job of cooling down that hot GPU, and producing better temps than the infamous Blue Orb cooler."

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PC Abusers on Apr 11 '02

"This is an excellent and relatively inexpensive addition to your rig that can have multiple uses, be it as a video card cooler or a chipset cooler."

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